“I can never tell if you’re serious!”


So I love how working in a restaurant takes you right back to high school. The place I work now is full blown high school. You .have the popular mean girls, you have the jocks, the nerds, and the redneck. Then there is me! Just like in high school I don’t limit myself to a certain group.. I like to hang out with people that make me laugh and are nice to me. I also, don’t like to spend my entire time hanging out with you, while talking about someone else..

So I have started a new little game, I’ll tell one person, a lie about a coworker, and then never bring it up again. The last one I did was, I told ONE server that another server was gay,.  When he got there that afternoon, everyone one was asking him . He wanted to know who did it, and everyone told him me. I always get away with stuff. Gotta be smart about what you are doing.

So we have a couple of girls there that think they are “Hot Shit”  always talking .about guests and coworkers. I think what bothers me the most is  the fake in you”re face. I promise you will create bigger problems for yourself by being in my face. Like I don’t know where your apron went while you were in the bathroom, Where did you put it? (I promise it’s in the garbage and gone) Hope there wasn’t anything in there you needed. hehehe .That’s just the beginning of your miserable life around me, if you can’t be real in my face!



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