Living on an island surrounded by tourist.

Now I know I’m blessed to live on an Island, and doubly blessed to work at one of the largest resorts around. We are so happy to see all the sunburned people in April, May, and June. But right about this time in July, we are ready for them to go. Even though we still need their money for 3 more months, to make it through christmas..

Sometimes I wonder how these people act in their own town. Don’t get me wrong, I totally get why they do it. If I was paying between $600 and $1000 a night for a room, who am I kidding, if I was paying that much for a room. It would be a body massaging, order any kind of food, and lots of other stuff I won’t mention. ( I like to let you use your imagination, it’s more exciting.)

Now the resort I work for also owns, the surrounding subdivisions, and most of the residence have what is called a member card.  Most members think it’s a card that turns them into god of everything around. My favorite is when they come in bossing us around and proceed to tell us “I live here!” they never have a comeback when I say “so do I, can you imagine!”  It’s a matter of them pushing you around, I’ve learned to never say “I’m Sorry” it makes you look weak and then they usually start nitpicking.  That is the worst, can put you in the weeds for the rest of the night. It’s best if you messed something up, to approach the guest it effected the most and Say only once, I apologiz foer ____, I will defenatilly make sure it’s fixed and you leave happy, and that’s it.  Because if you keep bringing it up, that will be all they remeber.

Now our little one road in and one road out gets quit crowed during the summer, and with the heat. I know I basically stay home all summer. The best months to go to the beach if you live here are the end of march, all of april, and wrap it up pretty quick the beginning of May. Then we don’t go back, til the end of august, but we usually have until December. So our poor town gets invade, with people that are never in a hurry,  they don’t have to be anywhere at a certain time, like the rest of us that are hurrying along to take care of them, until all of sudden we are going 15mph in a 45 mph zone.

Now the property I work on is, about 1800 or so acres, that makes it seem even when we are at full occupience we are not too crowed. With all that land, they have tons of activities spread out all over theplace, and the guests love it.   I think they love it so much, because they don’t want each other to notice how bad their kids are, and I mean bad!!



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