How are they the manager?

If you have ever worked in a restaurant, I know you have either said or thought this. I have had some crazy ones, but the two that I have now I just don’t know. I feel like they don’t have a clue how to run a restaurant. They handle situations weird. Everyday before the doors open we have a little meeting. Talk about the numbers for the day, specials, if there are any activities going on, and then if anyone has told on anyone else for something or if they have seen you doing something they don’t like, this is when they talk about it.

So never do you get in trouble! You and everyone else get talked to about it at line up and told not to do it again. Which is the most pointless thing I have ever seen. At first they would say this same stuff everyday for like a week or two. Finally after hearing about someone writing on the schedule for 2 weeks, when they asked if anyone had something to say I raised my hand. I tell them this “I’m tired of hearing about the same thing over and over again. especially since it’s something I didn’t do or would ever do. But if we have to talk about this kind of stuff, can you say it for 3 days and then hang it on the bulletin board.”

So the one manager likes to be friends with everyone, and has a couple of the girls sit up and do “girl time” in the office. Now of course it’s the laziest servers that she has this relationship with, because they have seen the oppurtunity it has made for them to get out of work.  They come in complaining about having to take a table when they get to work, “I just got here” I always tell them “be glad! Now you don’t have to wait to start making money!” Then at night something happened with this or that, so I have to go sit in the office for the next hour.  Meanwhile, who’s suppose to clean the 5 dirty tables in your section (3 were not even pre-bussed).  That’s right!! The D.R.A. that is supposed to be helping all of us, we all tip him out too. There is no reason to say anything anymore, there is always an excuse and you look like the bad guy.

The other manager likes to be bossy, but about stupid things. For example: there can be drinks at the bar well that need to be ran, the entire server area needs to be stocked, and the chef can be yelling for a food runner, and everyone is just standing around talking. Nothing is said about any of it, but you better not forget to put your coasters on your table.  If you say something they tell all the other employees you said something, it gets turned around on you and your the bad guy. Because you got tired of doing all the work! I guess I missed the memo that this is social time and not a job.

Seriously! I have never worked somewhere that servers and hosts do the seating chart, other servers are the ones to check you out not your manger, and you basically have no supervison at all, because even if you don’t do your work, all they are going to do is talk about it at line up the next three days.


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