These plates are hot !

People kill me!!! I DO NOT understand how in the world do you forget what you just ordered to eat??? Someone please tell me! It happens every single day to more then one table. I just don’t get it….. I know you took a lot of time into ordering it!!! Because you made me stand here while you thought about it, by saying you were ready to order when you were not! Now, I’m holding your ticket for how long you made me stand there. Now the food usually takes about 15-20 minutes, and I’m going to tell you what I would be doing while I was waiting on my food. THINKING about my food!!!!! How in the heck are you going to order a dozen shrimp w/fries and when they say “kale salad w/chic” you say it’s yours?  Some have even goes as far as eating the wrong dish, getting about halfway through it and remembering it wasn’t what you ordered. I love the people that try to blame it on you,

They order a hotdog w/ff, so you write down “hotdog w/ff”                                                      Then when you bring out the hotdog, and they are like “I didn’t order a hotdog!”              So I’m like”Yes, you did! I wrote it down!” They want to still argue, til the rest of the table is like “you ordered a hotdog!”

I wish there was a class that every single person had to take on “How to act in public, and how to always treat others with kindness. This is so important, but yet it’s not something that is taught much anymore.


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