Is Anyone Going To Answer Me??

Have you ever felt like you were a ghost? wondering if anyone even sees you? I swear I felt like if one more person bumped me, stood in my way, ignored me when I was trying to take their orders, just to wave me down because I’m not over there serving them. I mean it just one more person!!!!  Right!!! Like I was really going to do anything, but I thought it! A bunch!!

So I must give my first table of the night, Best table of the night award! Thank you so much older single guy for being super easy. Easiest $10 I’ve made in awhile. Much welcomed sight I must say. With it being the middle of tourist season and I work in a resort. Also thanks to the family of four, who’s son was super picky and you didn’t take it out on me.

But other than that most the guests were okay, a few rude ones. Like the guy that says I don’t mean to be a bother after he’s stopped you 5 times to add something to his order. Then the guy that acted like he was your only table to ask dumb questions. I had a lot of guests tonight that claimed they were ready to order, but when the time came they were not!! One girl made me list all of our fountain drinks twice, just to order coke. So in all I guess it was an easy night



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