I Have A Question

Could someone please tell me why do ladies give their numbers to guys, if they have no intention of answering or replying to text? Why not be honest and tell them you see no reason for them to have your number. If they want your number they have to give you a reason to give it them and just asking is not a good enough reason.

I think I would much rather someone tell me “no”, when I ask for their number.  Then to give it to me, but they never answer. In all honesty it’s disrespectful to the guy, which in turn he gets mad, for leading him on. Now he’s disrespecting all women,  because he thinks they are all alike. Because you don’t know how to be a real woman and tell him “no, he can’t have your number.  You don’t know him like that!”

Ladies, you need to start being real and honest toward men, and men, don’t think just because one lady acts a certain way, that they are all that way.


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