Why are Women so Fake?

Maybe it’s just me! I feel like women should stand up for one another a lot more and stop trying to put each other down or messing with each others men. Where is your integrity, your self esteem, and most of all your intelligence?!?  I’m not saying this to start some kind of movement or to create world women love. (lord knows that’s never going to happen.)  But maybe a couple of people might read this, want to make themselves better from the inside out and take what I say to heart.

It drives me so crazy when women talk about each other, and then hang out with each other. I guess that’s what made me not trust women a very long time ago. I mean guys are pretty shady too, but in easy to get over ways. Women will make a long drawn out plan on how to steal their best friends boyfriend and make said best friend think it was her fault. Then usually breaks up with the guy a few weeks later, for some lame reason.

I was wondering do any of you feel this same way or feel differently and would like to tell me about it. Please share in the comments.